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Meeting Transcription Policy

In our commitment to transparency, accountability, and effective communication, we ensure that every meeting we have is recorded and transcribed as part of our Meeting Transcription Policy. This helps us meticulously document discussions, ideas, and decisions, enhancing the service we provide by preserving information accurately and facilitating comprehensive review and follow-ups.


At Boldly Forge, we aim to provide excellent service and effective communication during our interactions with clients, partners, and team members. To ensure clarity, accuracy, and comprehensive follow-ups, we have implemented a meeting transcription policy. We value transparency and confidentiality; this policy is designed to clearly define our procedure for recording and transcribing meetings and how we handle the data involved.

Meeting Recording and Transcription

We utilize Zoom for our online meetings. These meetings are often recorded to ensure that no important details are missed. To transcribe the recordings of the meetings, we have partnered with Avoma and Keep.AI. These specialized transcription services convert the recorded audio into text format, which allows us to review the content of our meetings in a more efficient and accessible way.

Data Use and Privacy

The recordings and the transcriptions are intended for internal use only. They are used to facilitate our understanding of meeting discussions, track action points, and assist with future planning. They may also be utilized for training purposes, to improve the quality of our service.

Please note that all data, including recorded meetings and transcriptions, are handled with utmost care and respect for privacy. We comply with relevant data protection laws and regulations, and we have implemented measures to ensure the security of the data we handle.

Transcription Access and Removal

Upon request, a copy of the transcription can be provided to any participant in the meeting. Should you wish to access your transcription or have it removed, please email us at We will promptly attend to your request in line with our commitment to your rights and privacy.

Consent and Option to Opt-Out

Your consent is important to us. By participating in our meetings, you are giving consent to be recorded and for the meeting to be transcribed. If you do not consent to being recorded or transcribed, please let the meeting host know in advance, so necessary arrangements can be made.

Purpose of Recording and Transcription

Recording and transcribing meetings enable us to offer the best possible service and follow up. They help ensure that every detail of our discussions is captured, allowing for better clarity, recall, and action.

Privacy Policies of Our Partners

We encourage you to review the privacy policies of our partners:

Policy Updates

This policy may be updated periodically to reflect changes in our practices or relevant legal or regulatory requirements.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this policy. Please feel free to reach out if you have any queries or concerns regarding this policy or its implementation.